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I recently got a new roommate. One time she pointed out that I left the light on and she said she didn't think it was necessary. I thought she was reminding me. I just told her I was going to but I forgot it seemed like she judged me for what I said. It's a little tough being around her. She also freaked out at me one time when I got a package and I saw her staring at me and I she was like freaking out at me saying What? I was like nothing and I went to the closet and I think she talked about me to the other roommate. But she constantly stares at me.i feel like she is constantly judging me. She also comes up and stares at what i am doing. I say hi and she doesn't say hi back when I see her. I just want to get a second opinion. I tried to ignore it but I am not OK with how she treats me. Any thoughts? I have been pretty cool up to this point.
Either talk to her about it and see how it goes or, if that's too daunting or doesn't go well, put in a roommate switch request (assuming you are in a college dorm). I had to switch roommates once. Awkward roommate living is distracting and depressing - see if you can be VERY specific about your personality and lifestyle and maybe get paired with someone more reserved or considerate.

Are you in a dorm or...?
Just show her who's boss !

Seriously, I would have done the 'Opaline's first option' , there ought to be a reason why she's being such a pain in the neck.

The way I see it there are two options : settle this friendly or go your separate ways.

This could have an impact on your well-being, if you can't have peace in your own room then where else can you have it?
I am in student housing and we can't really switch unfortunately. Thanks for the advice. I wish I could switch though. OK I will try talking to her about it.
What do you mean by the Opalines first option and what did you mean by there must be a reason why she's a pain in the neck? Just curious.
First option = talk to her about it, tell her that staring is rude and tell her how uncomfortable you are because of her behaviour

There should be a reason why she's being indelicate and irritating as you describe it, especially when staring at you.
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