New member - needs some advice

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this site so please be nice :)

I am in my early 20's and female. I have suffered from over sweating since I was about 13 but it seems to have got worse over the last few years. It is mainly on my face, which I obviously can't hide and I am feeling it holding me back more and more. My social life has become pretty non-existent really :) I have been prescribed Robinol but it is expensive and doens't seem to work anymore. Does anyone know if you can build up a resistence to it at all?

I just wanted to speak to others with the same problem, as I haven't met anyone that really understands it.

Thanks eveyone


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Hi sum101 i really just wanted to say hello and welcome to the site. I don't have any experience with over sweating so i really don't know what i could say to you that would be of any help unfortunately. Other than the obvious, which you probably have already thought about - to go back to your Dr. or consult another one about trying a new medication. I wish i could be more of a help - i hope you find something that works for you.
seeya later.
Cheers everyone, its nice to be able to talk about it openly on here and not feel embarrassed. I am going back to my doc soon but I have done a bit of research and can't find any other alternatives. You never know I suppose.

Thanks again, maybe speak to you all on the forums later :)

hi everyone,
I'm nearly 34yrs old & i have the condition of hyperhidrosis, which i find very embarrassing.. I've had this condition since i was 17yrs old & is progressively getting worse the older i get. I've tried the driclor & various other roll ons & even beta blockers, which worked for a while then had to stop using them as it started to irritate my skin badly.. So in the end i gave up because i thought that i would have to live with this dreaded condition. I did go back to my doctor to ask if i could have the surgery which he said wasnt that successful, so now i feel i'm at a lost cause. The doctors are unsypathetic towards this condition. Dont know what else to do now. Can anybody help?


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Welcome. I know how you feel. I used to have excessive perspriation for a long time. I used to get sweaty hands alot but it was really bad under my arms. It didnt matter what i used nothing helped. It was so embarrassing, even in winter when it was cold my shirt used to be soaking wet. I don't mean a small wet patch that people get when they exercise I mean the whole shirt from under the arm to the bottom would be wet and half way around my back so I started wearing white shirts only to try and hide it. I was too embarrassed to go to my Dr and had no idea what caused it but for some reason over the last 2 years the problem has gone away. I tried all the different deodorants where it said the it keeps you drier for longer but none of them worked.