New game: Dragon Way(RPG)


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Hi. This is my first RPG.
Rules: 1- No godmodding. Doing so will result in modkill.
2- Follow the forum rules.
3- Staying inactive for more than 2 days will result in modkill.
4- I determine the outcome.
5- You can kill anyone you like as long as they are not on your side.
6- Everyone are free to choose their own sides. Once the side is chosen, it cannot be changed.

Note:Two healing spells are given to each player. Healing spells only heal 40% of the player's health. You will meet NPCs and real human players!
There was a time, a time where there was peace and prosperity. Dragons would fly in the skies happily. There were wizards, barbarians, PEKKAS, golems, dogs, Dragons, Ogres, goblins, witches and many more.A king named Bob had two sons: Maggius and Malum. Maggius was the edlest, and Malum was younger than him. So, according to the law, only Maggius can become the King. Malum always wanted the throne to himself and hated his brother. While his brother, Maggius loved him. King Bob and Malum usually have arguments about who will become the next King. One day, during an argument with King Bob, Malum tried to kill King Bob and the guards stopped him. Malum was just a teenager at that time. King Bob was devastated after this incident and was unable to rule anymore(King Bob's condition got worse over the years and soon became disabled and unable to rule anymore). So, Maggius became king some years later.
A few days after Maggius became King, Maggius heard about a black dragon and a dark wizard who was attacking one of the outlying villages of the kingdom. He sent some soldiers to fight against those two, but that didn't stop them. Maggius was powerful, so, he had to go there personally. Maggius took a close look at the dragon rider and was very surprised. The dark wizard was Malum! Devastated, Maggius sealed his brother Malum into a stone, and died.

The stone's seal weakened as months passed by and Malum broke free from the seal and unleashed his anger on everything, wiping almost everything out except for the wizards and witches who followed him. Malum has the darkness element plus all six elements.

A few remain who are loyal to King Maggius. They have sworn to take down Malum at any cost. Amd Malum and his followers have begun hunting down those people who are loyal to King Maggius. The villages Neotopia, Templar, Ulvarx, Riginos and Tusk is controlled by Malum's forces.
Where, Zymot, Tulips, Evlavis and Svenia is controlled by Quinn, who is Maggius' follower and the leader of Maggius' forces.

Note: There are six elements in the game. They are: 1-Fire
2- Wind
3- Water
4- Lightning
5- Earth
6- Ice
Choose your element wisely. You can choose only one element
Your element is your magic. These are magic elements.

Only guys can be wizards. Only girls can be witches.

To sign up, fill this form:
Type(only witch or wizard):
Side(Malum's side or Maggius' side):

Profile: Each of the players' profile will look like this: (playername): Energy:xxx%
Level(max 6): x
Inventory: (items)
Player xp:xxx

Energy: Your energy is your attack power. Being inactive for more than 17 hours will cause you to lose 10% energy. You can restore your energy by killing creatures like mammoths, tigers, sabretooth tiger. Your max energy level will increase with your level.
Note: You will be running into animals almost all the time. Animals can also be used to recover your health.
Health: This is the real thing! If your health drops to 0%, you will die and you won't be respawn. Your max health can increase with your level.

Note: After killing animals(this does not include dragons), their meat can be put into your inventory and you can use it to regain energy as well as health.
Level: You can level up by killing animals and killing enemy witches or wizards. The more you level up, the more stronger you will get. Killing an animal gives you 2xp, killing enemy wizard gives you 10xp. Killing enemy witch gives you 15xp.

Player xp: This is the amount of xp the player has in order to level up. Here are the xp requirements for each level.
Level 2: 50xp
Level 3: 150xp
Level 4: 350xp
Level 5: 750xp
Level 6: 1200xp

The leader of Malum's side is Malum himself. The leader of Maggius' side is Quinn, who has the blue fire element.

I control characters, Malum and Quinn.

Goal: What the players have to do is kill their opposing side's leader and claim victory!

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