New and looking to express without feeling like a burden


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Does anyone here feel like when they are expressing their feelings to others even on the forum like youre being a burden or too needy and therefore just close up. Im usually shy but ok at first then when things progress in time with people i just start acting distant and moody because i feel people get tired of me. I reject all social ties eventually so that they wont reject me first or get tired of me....wish eventually i know they will =(


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I don't always express my feelings, mainly because I'm afraid no one will even understand, but also because I feel like I'm just a burden to them. Even on here, sometimes I refrain from venting because, again, I feel like I'm just a burden and that no one wants to listen to whatever my issue(s) is/are. Horrible feeling to break because venting is always better than keeping it in.


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This is a common defensive mechanism. I do it. I dont always, but especially lately last few weeks I've done this/felt this a lot. But no one should feel themselves a burden especially here on SPW.

Bustn Justin

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I have felt like a burden with my SA/depression for many years and felt that people won't understand or or use it against me.

In the past few months I have been able to open up to a buddy I can trust and was a huge weight off my chest. I felt embarassed telling him about my condition but he was cool about it.

After opening up I have been more comfortable going out to the club to see him DJ and slowly mix and mingle with other people there.

By me openeing up with the intention of getting help; I am able to become a better person and become a better friend and support him with his dreams.
I definitely know what you mean. I always have the thought in the back of my mind after talking with anyone that it won't take long for them to get sick of me. I also backoff frequently because I fear burdening someone with my troubles :s