My pet hate is.......


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Well I've got a couple:

Charity street collectors- sometimes when I'm shopping, getting across from one part of town to another is like crossing a minefield. I know that they're all worthwhile charities, but for someone with SP, its hard trying to be assertive and saying no to them- its not as if I have plenty of money myself, and then I feel guilty for saying no. :evil:

Greedy people on public transport. When the seats are scarce on a bus/ train, you always get these people who somehow think that they have the right to 2 seats. They place their bag on the window seat and sit in the other, and they don't even make the slightest effort when they can see the bus/ train filling up- you have to ask them to move their stuff. :evil:

What are yours?


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ordering parts to build a PC and they dont bloody work so you have to arse about going back to the supplier :evil:


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people who dont follow personal hygene and sit next to me on public transport or I'm behind them in a queue trying not to vomit on them :!:


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People who talk/eat during movies. Sitting in a theatre and having to endure people shoveling food down their hole while smacking obnoxiously (some even have the need to crunch on the kernels) is something that drives me insane. Those who talk during a movie should be taken out back and shot in the head.


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Phone calls when I am the one to call

Ignorant car drivers purposely trying to kill me as I ride my bicyle

Noisy chatting people when I am studying in the library. That puts me in front of the choice between accepting their noise or telling them and then being unable to concentrate anyway for 20 minutes afterwards, because I keep replaying the scene in my head.

Shy guys in the company of a girlfriend trying to impress her by being assertive towards me. Unfortunately for them my SA is intermittent and it tends to recede when I get really annoyed, which I do in the presence of this type of people.
I had an encounter with one just a few hours ago, we were in front of a traffic light, I on my old bicycle and him in a car with his girlfriend. He lowered the window and made a couple of remarks on me and the bicycle, nothing bad in itself but he was talking about me, a stranger, from a very close distance, in a loud voice to a third person and meanwhile pointing at me, which is pretty rude. I didn't say anything but as the green light came he didn't realize it and kept talking, so I addressed him like this (rough translation): <<sorry to interrupt you but the light is green, you should move now>>
He didn't expect it and started very fast, almost crashing into another vehicle! Well I didn't mean to cause that of course :twisted:


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Even though its been a while, I'm going to add a new one.

PC games that don't come with an instruction manual.

I really don't want to read the manual electronically, so printing them off usually means using a fair amount of cartridge ink and paper. (Cartridges not being noted for their cheap prices!)
"Greedy people on public transport."

I second this wholeheartly. I go to a upper to middle class college and the students are such little inconsiderate things!

I also can't stand people singing... It's not that I hate it... it just makes me very uncomfortable and then angry.


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-I'm not a big fan of poignant and useless sarcasm. Sarcasm never gets a point across quickly and pisses me off.

-I hate strawman arguments.

-I don't like people who smell like alcohol (or anything bad) when I'm riding the bus.

-I hate when people use crappy similes and analogies.