My Lyrics for These Days


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I'm still trying to vocalise it into something resembling a melody, i ususally just sit there with my les paul and strum simple chords to start off with ..anyway here it is, i should post all my other lyrics too, what do you think?

These Days

I bounce off the walls every evening,
skylarking myself through unfound dimensions,
the trick is to not lose my mind
i'm stuck here on mount planet xerox
too much knowledge could only destroy me
ambition is to only escape this deep quicksand

the things i have seen in my time
im stuck stranded here in this forest
leaving footprints inbedded in time
wishing i could be anywhere else

these days i run in so many directions
just one road i cannot decide

these days i crave for a more complacent life
but instead i just stay here and hide

i'm stuck here on mount planet xerox
the phoneline is set on engaged
the answering machine always kicks in
ive left it far too late
far too late to decide

these days
these days

these days
these days