Morning Panic

The last couple mornings I have been waking up in a blind panic due to extremely vivid nightmares. I'm drenched in sweat, I can't breath and for the first few seconds I don't know where I am.
I've been going to bed later every night for the past week because my dreams have been getting progressively worse. It's getting to the point where I dread sleeping so much, I'm trying not to do it, especially now with the associated panic attacks.
Has anyone else had to deal with this, and if so, will I be able to deal with this naturally or should I make an appointment with my therapist?
Hi .

I have a similar thing i get when i start drifting off to sleep i wake up gasping for air with a rapid heart rate If you already have a therepist then yeh i would do that maybe try some medication ? Im sorry im not much use right now . I wish i could help . Take care


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has there been something bothering you recently that could be triggering the nightmares? any fears or changes?

i went through a period like this a couple years ago. really disturbing nightmares, or waking up, not remembering any dreams, but having an intense feeling of fear that i was afraid to even move, and always at 3am. it was around finals week, i was in a rough spot in a relationship. so there was increased anxiety in my life. though i guess i was reading a lot about some stuff that could induce nightmares.

i know that eating close to the time you sleep (especially sweets, caffeine, and spicy stuff) can increase chances of nightmares, as can sleeping in lower temperatures and sleeping on your back.


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I can relate. I dealt with night terrors nightly for several months after a physical trauma and the associated stress. Adopting a dog to sleep with fixed it, and embracing a healthier lifestyle. I still needed someone or a pet in the room for about a decade to avoid the terrors. Now, I can finally sleep alone in a closed room, but only under low stress. Otherwise, it's the couch.