Lost all confidence and a Nervous wrec due to panick attacks



Hi All

I am new to the site and wondeed if there are any others out there who have Lost all confidence and Im a Nervous wreck due to panick attacks.

I have read all books, had CBT used tapes to relax and breathing but my confidence has taken such a bashing that I find it really hard to overcome the scared panick and nerves before a trip outside.

My stomach starts and then nerves and then IBS all morning.

Is there anyone out there at all who is suffering the same? But most of all is there anyone who has overcome the same and got their life back toghether?

If so how did you do this? I would love to talk to others out there?



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I've overcome panic attacks, I still get them from time to time (alot this week as I've been highly stressed and anxious) its kinda strange but you gradually learn to ignore them as one day years ago, I kinda realised:

...hmmmm this is not gonna kill me....you have no power...

I did things to make me have them then, you know, all the things you avoid coz you think that causes them, you find that at the end of the day that its YOU that causes them, I kinda trained my mind to ignore them even laugh at thier pathetic attempts to terrify me, must say it was a long battle but worth it, I still get anxious and agorophobic but comepared to panic attacks they are a birthday present and alot easier to deal with.

I've met alot of people now that "used" to get panic attacks, so thats encouraging.

I'll have to think about how I can explain in more detail ho I dealt iwth it, its kinda hard to explain your minds workings I guess


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I get them less now than I used to. I do things that gives me the symptoms (like jogging) to train myself to unserstand that the symptoms aren't dangerous. So now I can usually stop them before they get bad.



I have come across an online book called the one manouvre, really interesting read by a man called Joe Barry who actually encourages your body to have an attack.

He explains to look at the first step in defusing a panic attack is to
Embrace and accept the fear so the emotions can run freely and dissipate, rather than becoming locked in a vicious cycle of recurring anxiety.

In other words, observe and do not react. (this is so hard)
Then Demand more! Scream out if you must, but let your anxiety know you are making a firm request that you want to experience the very worst it can throw at you! The request for more is the most empowering statement you make when in the midst of a full-blown panic attack. It sends a clear and strong statement that behind it all, you are still really in control and always have been. You were just observing up until this moment. Like the roller coaster ride you were allowing yourself to feel the experience, the sensations of fear. You were a fully paid-up and willing participant, not a victim. Now you are consciously moving towards the fear, requesting that it shows you more of these unusual bodily sensations you are going through.

This request for more is a request fear cannot deliver. You are voluntarily moving in the same direction of the sensations and giving the fear no momentum to pull on to create the struggle and anxiety. This knocks anxiety right on the head as there is no longer any fuel to drive the campaign of terror. The fuse that was dangerously close to exploding into a full-blown panic attack is extinguished. What is more is that this action calls fears bluff, in that the fear driving the whole experience reveals the truth of the situation—there never really was anything to fear in the first place. The threat was a hoax. The panic attack was a dud, there never was a real tangible threat.

Its such a good read - scary but Im giving it a go.



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This Worked For Me

I used to have panic attacks fairly frequently. They infiltrated every part of my life, but the primary cause seemed to be related to money (or the lack of it). I couldn't drive, work or go shopping because I feared the attacks so much, I actually brought them on.

I went to therapy to discuss my fears, and the psychologist helped me discover a few non-drug related therapies.

1. If you have certain things that trigger panic, approach them slowly. Let's say your panic occurs in grocery stores. Go to the grocery store when it isn't necessary to do so, and simply sit in the parking lot, then leave. The next time, get out and go to the front door, then leave. The third time, go in walk down one aisle, then leave. The idea is this: approach your fear reasonably, and in minor steps, to convince yourself it isn't "life-threatening. It sounds silly, but it works.

2. Refocus your attention way from your "panicky feelings." Have you ever felt the telltale symptoms only to have someone interrupts the cycle by speaking to you? You can recreate this without relying on others. Carry something with a texture you hate, carry a hand buzzer (like from the gag shop), pinch yourself in your palm, plunge your hand in ice cold water. Keep it safe, and keep it simple. I once saw two ladies shopping, obviously sisters. Each woman carried bubblepack sheets and continuously popped the bubbles. I knew immediately what they were doing. They were using the noise and focus to prevent panic. It seemed extreme, but it worked for them!

3. Get off caffeine and quick sugars if possible (white sugar, candy, breads). Caffeine is a stimulate, you don't need stimulates. Sugar can play havoc with you physically. If you eat an inordinate amount of pasta, or bread, or junk food, it may be affecting your mental health. I'm not a medical authority, but know sugars impact my mental health negatively.

4. Don't be afraid to discuss this issue with a medical or mental health professional, and ask for help. Strong people seek help. I've been panic-free for six+ years, but I still have anxious moments, and occasionally, my neck turns all red from embarrassment. I can live with blushing!


Hi all

thankyou so much for the advice, I understand about taking baby steps infact thats all that i can take?

did you take any form of medication to get you through this or was it just sheer determination?

I have had a horrendous week, even had attacks in the hous which i havent for months.

I am a total recluse now, and cant take much more

thanks for the support


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To Use Or Not Use Drug Therapy

Hi Mona,

When I first started having panic attacks the only thing I feared more than the attacks was to admit I might need to take something for them. I dragged my family(and myself) through much anguish with my resistance. Looking back, I wish I had been strong enough to ask for help.

Drug therapy does not have to last forever! Some doctors prescribe medication for a three month period, check your progress, then go from there. It may take a while to find a medicine that works for you.

The problem with self-medicating is this: you may be using prescriptions which could interact with herbal remedies, or OTC drugs. If Panic is disabling you and preventing you from functioning normally, please see your physician. Again: strong people get help!

Best wishes to you. I've been there and weep with you. But I'm better now, and I believe in you. Baby steps work, but so does getting immediate help.


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pannick attacks are so scary when they first start. i dont know about the rest of you but i thought i was seriously crazy. they came out of no where and had no mercy at all. the last one i had was bad but i turned against it by saying to myself "you have had pannick attacks before and survived its just a feeling not life threatning" i said that to myself (even though i couldent breathe) and slowly started to come out of it. most pannick attacks i have had i though were going to kill me. but they dont.


Hi all

thankyou for the support

i know what you are sayiing but im so weak at the moment and to tell u the truth dont think i can take much more im at an all time low now and cant take anymore attacks, I know they cant kill me but now Im fully agraphobic and at what i see as a young age my life is ruined.

I have no future



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Mona, trust me, they will wear off, eveyone I know has said that, you just get used to dealing with them eventually, it does take time, I became cured then started having them again after I had a breakdown, because I had previous experience at dispelling them these episodes only lasted for about a year.

dont give up mate, keep challeneging them, you will win.I know you will, make some buddies with SA who have had them, they'll tell you the same, they'll help talk you down off them, they'll make you see the light at the end of the tunnel, I've had help off people and I've given help, remmber we are all in this together :)