I bought a secondhand copy of Viktor Frankl's book "Man’s Search for Meaning" several years ago, and i read it. I recall being impressed by his logotherapy, and how the book combined a story as well as his system. For sure people like him (& say Tolle) have a lot to offer in terms of wisdom, as they have been "right down" to the very basics of living.
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Yeah I read the book and it just seemed to make 'sense' to me.. but I can't really find much info about how it is used in therapy. It's one thing to read the book and become inspired but another to actually live by those principles.. :)
Found this page via a google search of "viktor frankl logotherapy": Introduction to Logotherapy and Viktor Frankl
Seems to have the best explanation i have found so far. Perhaps some youtube videos might also be good.

Like most of my other books on psychotherapy, self-help & such, they sound really good in theory, but perhaps are not that "practical" in practise. I think at best, if i delved into it properly, i would maybe "borrow" one or two aspects of logotherapy, to implement into my own "system" of life. And there's PLENTY of other good book/systems/gurus out there; logotherapy/frankl is just one of many feasible options...