learning how to speak without panicking

I have this tendency to panic at certain times, my mind goes completely blank. Usually it is when I have to speak or make a decision in front of people. Ultimately it comes from a lack of belief in myself.

I am looking to try and put myself in situations which I can try and improve. The first one I have thought of is making phone calls to enquire about random stuff. Like adopting a dog or trying to find an obscure item.

Does anyone have any other ideas which I could try out?


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for your situation you can try to practice role-playing w/ someone or join a class for that and you can try recording yourself


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Ive always had my social phobia tied in with my self esteem and idenity. When ever Ive been bravely able to confront the things that dig my self esteem and get over or improve them- doing things like speaking in front of people are easier.

Also, for me - being around people that have issues - I work in an industry that has very laid back people that are people of mainly lower class, abuse victims, autistic people etc.. being around those people have made me feel comfortable with being able to have a voice around people and Ive grown from there. Its sounds daft, but being around people at an easy level - people with a similar low self esteem - can work wonders to practice your talking whilst working on your self esteem. You need a grounding place like that.