Ketogenic Diet for Hyperhidrosis/SA/Flushing?

Has anybody experimented with a Ketogenic Diet or very low carbohydrate diet for hyperhidrosis, social anxiety or blushing/flushing?

I've noticed that after eating carbs my body heats up very quickly which can cause all of the above problems, caused by an insulin spike perhaps? Please let me know your thoughts...


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I've done a Whole30 at the beginning of the year. No grains, no dairy, no sugar, no legumes.

At this moment I stick to that about 95%, and it helps with weight loss.

I will not say I've seen any truly miraculous improvements, but one thing that I noticed is that my mood has improved, I don't lose my temper so easily and I am more resilient.
Thanks for your reply. I've had some success with a low carb, high fat diet combined with various medications and made it through some stressful situations in the past weeks (job interview, group training).

Side effects seem to be weight loss which may be a plus for some people but I'm trying to maintain my weight. Energy is surprisingly much better, no energy crashes after eating carbs in the afternoon like I used to experience.

If you want more info google bulletproof executive radio and listen to his podcasts, he talks extensively about his "bulletproof diet".