I've lost the friends I made. :(


well yah I made friends through an social anxiety forum, and i feel i've lost them all/they've drfted apart.
can someone tell me just why this had to hapen. with their support I felt like I could do anything but now i'm without them in my search for making new friends!

Just the way one of those people treated me is enoughg for me to worry anyone will do the same (they got into a relationship and ditched the group I thought we had) but truthfully I believed she was actually my friend but I guess she actually wasn't. She disliked me it felt very obvious, apparently she was saying things about me I heard from other people.

Anothe friend i'd worked so hard to become friends with and they drifted away and I don't see hope of them returning:crying: they seemed to ditch me for whoever new friend they got anyway despite me being one of their best friedns and I thought they saw me same way obv not! i felt easily replacable.

the others i met just don't seem to bother about me and have lots of other stuff to do and i feel they dont care about me anyway i need friends that care about me. also a lot of them were only supports and not real friends which maybe was how the girl thought of me rather than a real friend.

But it just feels the friends I haev don't care about me at all. :sad: so geuss i need new ones somehow but besides meeting people through the internet i have no other way of doing this so it is not easy i just cant believe i basically have no friends again when i'd done so well.

its a shame as a friend i have a lot to give. :idontknow:


It's horrible!!

I do get tears when I see pictures on Facebook of every friend I made at primary school and the next two schools and everywhere else, who are remarkably successful

Envy & respect are my emotions. I wish for impossible scenarios to meet again randomly one day to help anyone about to suffer from severe weather or personal violent attacks where I serve to step in to save, including sacrificing myself completely.

Been watchin' far too many movies...


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I have too...its sucks too appear as invisible to everyone around me including those that used to be friends with.


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That is...sad to hear. I know what it's like to lose "friends" and I recently discovered from a new perspective that people are just people; whatever. Maybe this doesn't apply to you, but it's ok. I feel your pain, and I know what it's like to be used for support and such. I've tried making friends online...I don't think it worked. So here I am unable to make friends online and in the real world.

And yeah I hate the feeling when you make new friends and you think "oh this might be it!", only to be deceived later on. But keep your head up and don't give up! I'm still trying, like the loser I am (lol) to make new friends. I wouldn't mind being your friend :3


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Sorry. I lost possibly the closest friend I ever had a month ago. And it's brutal.
Worse, I see her all the time at work. :(


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Sorry to hear that I know what your going thru.
I myself have been on here numorous times but as yet haven't made any friends. Maybe i'm not on here long enough to achieve it.:sad: