Intrusive Thourghts


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My OCD usually don't bother me that much but lately it has been bothering me a lot and I am suffering because of it. I know that this sounds weird but I just keep getting intrusive thoughts about the reality that I'm living in is not real, like I am not really setting here typing on the computer I am really in a insane asylum strapped to a bed and my whole life is a massive delusion. this is a terrifying thought for me and I just can't stop my self from thinking about it. I am suffering right now. I know that this sounds silly but my OCD causes me to do things like arrange house hold objects in a way that feels right, and if I can get things arranged right that is suppose to let me know that I am still living in reality. but lately I just don't feel like I can get things right. So I just keep having the horrible thought that nothing is real and I am delusional.

Do anyone else here suffer from scary intrusive thoughts? If so how do you cope with them?
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I have intrusive thoughts but they're not "this isn't reality" like yours. Whenever I get really upset, I'll yell a phrase over and over again in my head. Sometimes I even hold my breath so it has even more of an effect. It's along the lines of "stop it", "help me" and other dumb, sometimes nonsensical sentences. Doing this helps me calm down when I'm getting worked up and it's a huge release, and people never have to know I'm doing it!

About your thoughts though, you said you can't seem to get things "right" lately? Well this is probably a dumb idea but maybe you can find or make a small object that you can keep in your pocket and carry it around with you. That way, no matter how "off" you feel, you can take out your object and notice it hasn't changed, it's constant, it's familiar, and that may help you feel safe and secure again. If you've seen the movie "Inception", I'm basically talking about the "totems" they'd keep on them to remind themselves of reality. Hope I helped in some way!