Interesting thing happened to me today


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Today I woke up and immeditatly cut the grass. Afterwords I was really hot and exhausted, so I went to the gas station to get a fountain drink. I didn't have the normal jitters going out. It's kind of strange, but it felt like all my blood rushed to my head and made me really confident. I exercise alot and I never felt like this. I think it was the combination of exercise and going out right after I woke up. It seems the longer I sit around the house, the more anxiety build up as the day goes along. Anyways, it felt great!


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Good for you, froghat! That's awesome! You should try to mimic those effects next time.
Workout---> feel good + exhaust (emotional) self---> go out---> interact = enjoy self.
Excellent plan! :D


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That's what works for me. Exercise reduces anxiety greatly. I like to start doing things in the morning. I don't like sitting around waiting for the afternoon. I feel more confident after burning off nervous energy. Sitting around the house too long increases your anxiety.