Insomnia and night panic attack


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I think i have this since i was young,very young actually. I can't tolerate heat and summer very well it gives me really bad insomnia and rolling around the bed, sweating like crazy, suffocation and palpitations.It makes me feel really obnoxious and annoyed. Plus if i manage to go to sleep earlier than 1 am, i woke up at 3 am drenching in sweat and with panic attack n i can't breathe , i start hyperventilate n i must turn on the light. Then i stay on mobile till the dawn then i finally go to sleep till 11. Terrible. Anyone else with this symptoms? But in the winter i sleep more nice and have more energy n better mood.
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This is a strange read for me. I experience the same thing. I just labeled myself a winter person. Summer nights are awful. But with insomnia in general I have a few odd tricks. I can't promise they'll work for you. Some nights I read a bit of a book I'm into(reading is like a lullaby for me). Other nights I watch tv Til I sleep. Sounds dumb but some people try and just shut down lights ect and crash. I have to trick myself into getting sleepy. It's 6:30 a.m now. I'm just now going to bed.


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I also can't tolerate heat. I really hate heat. But I don't have insomia.. What I have is opposite of insomia. I always feel like I need to sleep.