Imposter Syndrome/Past Mistakes


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I haven't been on here for some time, because I have actually felt a lot better over the past few years. Somehow, my baseline anxiety has almost disappeared (I used to be anxious all the time, regardless of what was happening-I could even be alone in a room and would either ruminate on things that have happened or worry about things that could happen, but I don't do that as much anymore). I am more comfortable in several situations where I once would have freaked out, though if I am caught off guard with a question, I become anxious.

So, here's my current issue: in my job, I have been tasked with gathering statistics and reporting them out. This literally consists of totaling columns from an Excel spreadsheet, so it should be easy, right? Well, when I first did it, I used the wrong spreadsheets. A person who did this before me talked to me about it, and I got everything corrected. Some people asked questions about the numbers, and I explained what happened and how to calculate the numbers. I have offered to show people how to do this, but nobody has really seemed interested. There are 2 other people who have done this in the past, so they know.

Cut to today: we have a new hire who brought some questions to me about some of the numbers. Turns out, someone else (the person referenced above who helped me) had calculated them, and I guess it got sorted out while I was on vacation, because this was brought to my attention right before I left for vacation. Today, I got an email from the new hire, wanting to meet, because she has more questions. We will meet tomorrow. I am concerned that there are more discrepancies, which I somehow didn't catch, though I have saved copies of the spreadsheets, and somewhat obsessively check to make sure numbers match, so it seems unlikely, but I am worried nonetheless. Especially since I have legitimately made mistakes on this in the past, it's not a completely unfounded fear.

Frankly, I feel somewhat incompetent in my job, and almost like I am worthless, since I often feel the need to double-check everything. I am in management, and many people (staff and other managers) have complimented a variety of my skills, but imposter syndrome is hitting really hard.


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Hi, so pleased to hear that your doing good most of the time. Doubt will show it's ugly face every now and again but I suspect that you have the resilience to cope.