I think I'm over reacting...


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so I am taking these physical education classes during the summer that I no longer wish to attend to... I thought I was going to be capable of completing four weeks of it but...at the beginning of the class everything was going great everyone was doing their own individual exercises until later on the class had to get into groups of five I was the only girl in an all male team I'm not good at sports or at any kind of group activities so I stayed away from the game field as far as possible but then my team mates notice I wasn't participating and they all came up to me with loud voices almost as if they were screaming and said "start playing", "stop being shy", "pay attention", etc. I wanted to burst out into tears but I kept trying to hold my tears back hoping they did not notice my watery eyes... at the end of class I grabbed my water bottle as fast as I can so I could start heading off home but some guy came up to me and said "that water looks good" I asked if he wanted it for I thought he was thirsty but he looked at me with a weird face and this group of girls started laughing at me I just started speed walking until I was at far distance I started crying for the humiliation and for my stupidity I did not go to those classes today for I am scared in being in the same group and I'm also scared that the guy might say something about what happened yesterday I hope it doesn't seem like I'm over reacting... :/
Ouch, that doesn't sound nice of them at all. I don't think you're over reacting in this case.. I probably would have done the same in this situation.