I need some help..

There is this girl I hang with sometimes and she makes me feel like she seems to know better. There is this one time she tells me her way of doing things like it was better than mine. It just feels like this. But I trust what i do is right. But she just doesn't get that what I did is what I did I can't change it. There is this other time where she points out when I am being unhealthy when I am always am and I don't get why she points it out to me. I guess it's because she eats unhealthy? I don't see the purpose of doing that. Is it to make herself be surperior or something. When I tell her certain things she laughs at me but I wasn't trying to be funny. It feels like she is making fun of me. I could really use some advice thanks.


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It sounds to me she may be insecure. Some people will try and knock others confidence when they are a little jealous of them.
Can you talk to her tell her how she is making you feel? If she doesn't care or change then you should distance yourself from her as she is not being a friend behaving like that. Friendships should be mutually supportive and caring not trying to get one over the other.


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Her behaviour isn't right, but it was forged through difficulties in the same way ours were. So try a gentle approach (and do try, these things will just fester and risk the friendship otherwise.) Just say something along the lines of 'i love you, but I'm not going to accept that.' And explain why you're upset. Hopefully she'll react with horror that she was making you feel this way and you can rescue the friendship. If she reacts defensively just leave her and hope she comes around. If she's straight up rude about it, at least now you know she's not a friend and you can cut this toxic influence out of your life.


if she ever gives you good advice then maybe take it into consideration but some people really just want to push their opinion on others in an awkward/controlling kind of way....if she's actually making a point/giving you helpful advice then thats one thing but if she's like breathing down your neck about it then maybe tell her to ease up a bit.......kind of reminds me of how shitty photographers tell you exactly how to situate your head and they're like "lean forward" and then when you get the pictures back you look like a hunchback crypt keeper.....thats happened to me before...it was my graduation picture...and then my parents sent wallet-sized copies of it out to freinds and family and they were probably thinking "what the hell is wrong with your son?"
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Hello. I would advise you to speak directly to your friend about this. Set her to one side... say to her you need to talk to her without her judging you. She won't be used to this approach from you, but it could well make her stand up and pay attention to what you say. Whatever you do, try and change your interactions with her as it's obvious this is really getting to you. Recognize the power you have inside yourself to change this. Good luck! :)