I guess it's time to re-introduce myself

My thyroid is under-active. Every time I have a kid I get postpartum thyroiditis and it really messes with me. Up and down. So frustrating. I have been reading about taking selenium. I will let you know if I try it and it works.
We women have to stick together. It's not our responsibility to be pleasing to the eye. We have to stop feeling ashamed.
Hope to get to know you better :)
Oh definitely let me know if selenium works. Postpartum thyroiditis - there's another reason i'm avoiding having kids! That's terrifying.
I agree. Our lifes worth shouldn't be based on how we look. I wish people would stop treating me like i'm not human just 'cause I don't look like a model. Makes me want to kill!

Hi Charlene just seen activity from someone Irish on this site so i had to say hello,been on this site on and off a while and never really been much Irish about.
Drogheda here,a long way to tipperary lol,love your taste in tv and games,its not long ago i done nearly every game my pc could handle but not so much lately am busier with kids too.
Had LA noire recently on my laptop usually finish the games but that one got annoying seemed like i was constantly re doing bits when i asked the wrong question trying to do it perfect instead of just moving on with some of them right,i kept going back to try and make sure i got all the questions spot on stupid or what huh,and it moves a bit slow but that could be my laptop not up to scratch either lol.But i liked the idea of the game just started to drive me mad so i deleted it.
Hey Darren. Yeah there were a few irish at one point but i've spoke to 2 other irish people apart from you. I'd use kids as an excuse to play more games! :p
I'm just trying to get through LA Noire without being perfect right now. When I clear it I'll probably try and do a better job. It can be a little slow to load up on XBox but i like the game. Though right now I'm on a part where you have to read poems and find the place they refer to. It drives me slightly insane!


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o you have an xbox cool :) i have a 360 and an xbox one. whats your gamertag? whats type off games do you usually play? o and since you like the walking dead have you played the walking dead game by telltale if you haven't i'd recommend it!
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