I feel I've been made a fool upon.


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Sorry if this is not the right category, I just feel like an idiot and embarrassed.
There's this girl I chat to online from the Philippines, my neighbour and friend introduced me to her many years ago. We chatted at times, she seemed a nice person, I never met her for real, but I kinda felt more than like her before, but never showed it.
A few days ago I noticed tribute on her profile telling her to rest in peace and sympathy to her, I saw her online so I asked and she claimed to be her cousin and that she passed away due to appendicitis, similar to what she was writing on her statuses to pray for her.
She claimed she was there to deactivate her account.

So I believed everything, and just felt shock, I couldn't say much to the cousin but just send my sympathies.
I told my friend who hasn't seen her in years, and he was upset, I copied the coversation coz he couldn't beleive it and the profile of one of the guys paying tribute so he could contact him.

I have a new fb account for online marketing stuff and I re added my friends, and suddenly I noticed her name on one of my other friends friendlist. She changed her profile pic to her and some guy and all the tributes were gone. And the guys sending them eere no longer friends. I could see it on my new one but not old one, e old one just says fb user.

I feel now that it may just be a lie, and I was just made a fool of, I feel so embarrassed because I told my friend about it, (who used to be friends with her) and told him she's in peace now.
I feel that if it's not true, he's going to think of me as an idiot, easy to play with the mind right?

I did feel sad about it and wished I could talk more, it felt real but nowI feel it was made up


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What kind of a person would do that? Even if she wanted to "un-friend" you, then just do it, why go through an elaborate ruse? Probably to not hurt feelings?
Why can't people just be real with each other? I may have a ton of flaws, but one thing I truly am is REAL and honest and I demand the same from people I associate with.
I am sorry for you either way, because whether she is dead or not, you have been hurt :(


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I know, I don't mind if she did that, but to say she's dead......if she isn't then she's on my list of crazy people out there.