I Don't Want To Take Off My Shirt


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I want to get back into swimming, but I also have a problem I am a big girl and can't stand the idea of going anywhere in a costume, I think the problem started at school when people would laugh at me in pe when we went swimming so I used to say I couldn't go swimming and would run away to the park or to another classroom. I think it also stems from when I was wearing my swimming costume at the beach and a group of my friends said I looked like a beached whale, I never let it go and made up some fear in my head, but I love being in the water and swimming underwater, its just the idea of going in a costume....I can't deal with it

Sorry to hear that, kids can be especially cruel and thoughtless at times. I definitely recommend you get back into swimming or start talking walks. Exercise is important. I already lost 15lbs.

I quickly got over taking off my shirt. I'm not going to let anything stand in the way of looking and feeling better. Actually, I'm already feeling both. Making good progress!


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OP - just want to say what you're doing is fantastic. I hate taking my shirt off even when I'm alone. To have the will and confidence to accomplish what you're doing is a great thing.


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Good luck with the swimming.

When my knee, achilles tendon and back were sore. I went pool jogging. I wore a shirt when I was in the pool.