I Don't Know

I don't know. I just felt like I should start a new thread where I'm going to post random stuff that I don't want in the random thoughts thread, because I want my own, but I don't want to post in another thread I made before.

And you can post here too if you want, I mean, if you really want to, but it doesn't matter.

There is no real point to this thread.
I napped and now I'm writing a paper all night again. It's 4:46 am Eastern Standard Time Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, MAN. I didn't have much of a choice. I can't wait for the semester to be over. I've forgotten what it's like to get a full night's sleep, and I have never missed my bed so much.

I like Tazo chai tea bags, but the flavor is pretty weak with just one, so I do two, but that ups the caffeine content. Unfortunate.

Lately I've been eating crap food again and neglecting things.

My leg hurts.

I hear a bird. Ugh.

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The frequency with which pencil shavings must be emptied from the compartment in your electric pencil sharpener is inversely proportional to... what?

Mine is an X-ACTO. Are those cheap? Or are they the standard?

Does anyone care about pencil sharpeners? No one ever talks about them. You don't hear people discussing where to get the best pencil sharpener, or what to do if the blade stops rotating (don't say buy another one, the waste!), or what to do if your pinky finger gets sucked in by the something-or-other force produced by the spinning of the blade (physics isn't my strong point) and gets shredded to a pulp and you learn your lesson about sticking your fingers where they shouldn't be :)question:) but you'll forever associate pencils with pain and therefore won't be able to write with anything other than pen or marker or chalk - okay, anything not a pencil obviously - and it was all because you were CURIOUS for god's sake, you didn't think the blade was THAT sharp, what's life without a little risk and some fun? A non-shredded pinky finger.


On second thought, writing by hand is becoming obsolete, so you're good.
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I had a drawing teacher in university that simply forbade us from using pencil shaperners. He wanted everyone to shapern using a blade. Bringing a electric shaperner or a mechanical pencil to class would make him mad.
One of the best teachers I had.
Sharpening with a blade can be very relaxing... I used to have some ASMR from doing it, lol.
Smile to my face
Know you lie
Say I've got problems
Ask yourself why
So much trouble
Over me
Surrounded by J e r ks
Can't ya see?
Smile to my face
I know you lie
Knife in the back
Just enrolled for classes next semester!

I'm taking:

Comparative Politics of Industrialized Societies

The Psychology of Personality

Literature of the Victorian Age

and a special course offered this semester as an experiment to see how it fares; this one is about digital texts and how they affect us and how we use them, etc., basically about literature and technology in the 21st century

A couple of those were required but two were optional and I debated taking Arabic 101, Japanese Religion and Culture, or Social Psychology but decided not to.
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