I don't know if I have anxiety or social anxiety or both

I am new in this forum.

Thank you for letting me be here.

How can I understand if I have only SA or GAD or both?

I understand I have some readings to do in this forum.

It is a big step for me to enter this kind of environment.

Thank you


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SA is fear of judgment of other people to the point of anxiety;
having anxiety about or around other people
GAD is generalized anxiety which is that you have anxiety in general about many things
Wish you a big welcome and i appreciate your courage to be here.:):D
Thank you for messaging. I am happy to be here.

I have both. People hate me because I am a skinny man.

I hope here posts help me not go more down with sadness.
Thank you. You are nice.

Also can we ask admin to make sure this website doesn't post anything on my Facebooks?

I have programming clients I dont want them to know I am like this.


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thanks. you can contact the webmaster. his first language is spanish though and then English
i think he uses a translation or perhaps his English got better but you can message him there.


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Welcome Steve, If you're not sure on which you have its best to ask your doctor, self diagnosis is never a good idea imo.

This website never posts to facebook unless you actively choose to share something (which I think is a new addition to the forum) so you dont have to worry about that :)