I can't deal with this anymore

Every time I try to make friends nothing works... I don't know if its anything to do with my ADHD, but I'm constantly being picked on and bullied even at the age of 25, which I assume is down to my own lack of personal experiences and general behaviour.

When I see people, I see them like a list of interesting history and facts, fun events, holidays, interesting stuff that they'll just reel off while conversing with them... Then when it comes to me, my good history ended over 10 years ago... I honestly can't think of any good major events that have happened in the past ten years that is worthy of sharing.

Yeah I've been on a fair few holidays in my time, been all over the place, France, Belgium, Portugal, Majorca, Fuertaventura, Tunisia, yet that was more when I was a kid in secondary school.

But recent nice history, I haven't really got any.

I'll do a general re-cap from 2008 to the present in as much an order as possible.

Found out a family member was being unfaithful.

1st Girlfriend turned Lesbian

2nd Girlfriend lied about being raped and abused by a previous partner

My mother attempted suicide yet thankfully survived due to the pain of finding out said family member was unfaithful.

Was falsely accused of drink spiking by a customer while working as a bartender... Spent weeks on bail only to find out that the accuser's story kept changing and I was free to go due to insufficient evidence.

Fell into drug use for nine months due to the hatred I received in over the drink spiking accusation.

3rd Girlfriend had mental health issues and tried committing suicide in front of me.

4th girlfriend was nice... we got engaged after a while and everything was sweet for a a good two years.

My mother passes away suddenly from a heart attack.

Get informed that the hospital where my mum passed away are investigating her death due to irregularities in care.

Me and 4th girlfriend break up.

Inquest into my mother's death occurs... Find out that the doctors missed vital points in her care which meant she should still be alive.

5th Girlfriend cheated.

6th Girlfriend cheated

Meet 7th Girlfriend.

Move half way up the country to start a fresh.

Motorbike gets stolen.

Find out I'm ineligible for job support benefits

Get offered a job and a day before starting it the job offer is withdrawn due to the current staff requesting more hours.

Do a job trial in a kitchen for an entire day only to find out I was brought in to cover staff sickness... wasn't even paid.

Find a free security course... jump at the opportunity.

Get bullied by people in course including them saying I don't have it in me to be a door supervisor / bouncer.

Working life inbetween all these events have been varied and honestly I've worked as a, computer technician, conservatory salesman,
Bartender, warehouse worker, retail assistant, chef, kitchen assistant, cleaner, office sales and journalist.

The longest lasting job I've had is only six months and I find I last on average three months before I end up annoying the staff to such an extent that I get fired... I hate ADHD ADD and when it comes to making friends well this is really all I can talk about other then my only real hobby of playing computer games... And that usually twigs people as to that i am not a normal person and they take advantage of that and try to bully me in a subtle way so I don't realise it until later on.

I hate it and can't take it anymore.

I just want a small group of friends like everyone else that I see.


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I'm very sorry to hear about your experiences. I can say that the people on this forum are very welcoming; I hope you will find some friendship here.
That... could be the worst stretch of luck I've ever seen. No wonder you feel the way you do, I'd be in a catatonic fetal position.

I hope you can find a little friendship here, at least.

Welcome to the site.