I am don't get people sometimes..

I have this roommate and I would say that I don't know her that well but she thinks that we're friends. I never met anyone who talks about another girls figure or body like she does. She now thinks she knows my bra size. But she never was there when I got measured. I don't think she can tell just by looking at me. I told her my current bra size and then she said no it's much bigger than that. But how does she know? Can someone give me some advice if possible? I don't know how to deal with this situation. She seems to be the type of person who thinks she knows everything. This one time she said I had big boobs and then another time she said I had no butt. Which was unusual for me to experience. Is that normal for girls to say this to each other?


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There really isn't a specific way to deal with it, it's an irrelevant conversation to have. Either she believes you, or she doesn't.


yeah I think its more normal for girls to talk about eachother like that...on the other hand, most guys wouldnt be caught dead mentioning another guy's physical attributes...its just not a thing guys can really do without their manhood coming into question...which is bullshit really because it doesnt at all signify homosexuality or even femininity..some people are just comfortable with talking about stuff like that..I dont see it as much of a big deal, i can readily admit when another guy is good looking...iv even joked around a few times about "going gay" for Johnny Depp...like if Johhny Depp randomly walked into my life I would just instantly become gay..haha..not really though.

but critiquing someone's physical attributes DIRECTLY in front of them can sometimes be kind of rude and awkward...
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Yeah some girls will tease about those things. Guys do the same thing but it's usually about other stuff. Just dont let her get you all self conscious about whatever she may say.