i´m a new guy here

hello guys, well I only have to say that i feel much more comfortable knowing that im not alone in this .that there are more people out there who blush on a daily basis as well. i´ve done some research about this topic, and i have to say that now i´m sure my blushing is due to stress mainly, and nervousness, my body basically overreacts whithout reason when i´m asked simple questions ,though i must say that i´m a bit shy too, it´s funny cause i consider myself as a sociable person, but i´m a blusher as well and it makes it very,very,very difficult to attend sociable events as often as i would like to,to stablish a formal relationship with a woman,to do things in public that the others wouldn´t have any problem doing, and the list goes on... think you all have gone trough similar situations. Anyway i hope we can all share the things that make us feel better,tips, and anything that hopefully help us get over it. grettings