Hyperhydrosis plantar


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What are the best types of socks to wear.

My feet get extremely wet in the winter and so this makes them very cold
what fabric is the best at stopping the sweating?


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I heard Merino Wool is the best. But, they are expensive. I plan on getting a few pairs to try out. I currently wear 94% cotton (hard to find 100%).

My feet sweat, not a great deal but enough to bother me. I also recommend fine leather shoes that will prevent your feet from smelling.


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I don't have hyperhidrosis anymore. I tried at home ionotophersis treatment it worked. It went away. I'm now 26 and haven't had any palmar or plantar hyperhidrosis. I think it went away with age.


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It's good news. Ionto is really positive method against sweating. Earlier I don't believed that the current may cure excessive sweating. However, I tried ionto during a lot of time and when I said "yeah it works" I was very happy.


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I see this is an old post from 2013.

Akala, Great that sweating has stopped for you. Thanks for the recent update.

As a person who has aged, primary HH does not usually improve. Treatments can help, aging doesn't. Stressful situations might lessen and your ability to cope might improve therefore decreased sweating.

FYI: Not everyone who has severe feet sweating has an odor issue. My feet never smell no matter how drenched they get.

As someone who has lived with both sweaty feet and hands my entire life, synthetic socks of any type including non synthetics such as wool make my feet sweat worse. Leather shoes have been horrible for me since they don't breath enough. As a kid I'd sweat through the leather and when the shoes dried they'd leave white stains on them. Very embarrassing indeed. I use the highest cotton content possible to help absorb the sweat.

Using lightweight cotton socks with wool over them might help people in colder climates. The cotton to absorb the sweat while the wool to keep your feet temperature more stable.

For those interested in cotton socks 2019:
On Ebay you can get 100% cotton socks. DAVIDO is the manufacturer out of Italy. Otherwise, at best you can find 90% cotton, 80% is more common. Approx 85-87% if you search hard enough. I just ordered the DAVIDO from one vender and a 90% cotton socks from another vender. They should be arriving within the week.