How were you diagnosed with SA?


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I was just wondering how people knew they had Social Anxiety. I tried talking to a therapist who didn't know what it was. And when I go on therapists profiles and look through what they treat... sa or agoraphobia isn't part of it. Is social anxiety just anxiety disorder or depression?
It's a disorder. Social Anxiety Disorder is the full name, I believe.

I didn't really go to a therapist. One of my sister's acquaintances is a psychologist and she asked me to describe all the symptoms and all the things running through my mind at that moment, so that's how I got diagnosed, even though I am not following any treatment. I think I can do this on my own.
I don't actually remember how exactly I came across the disorder. I probably typed something like "quietest kid in school" or "quieter than anyone I know" into google and just came across it and it just came up. It was around my senior year of high school I came across the term, or actually I came across "avoidant personality Disorder" which I felt described me much better. I had been like this for 5 or 6 years before hand, but I had been under the impression that something else was wrong with me, and that the inability to talk was a side effect, or even a choice that I was making until I got "better" and that I could start being social again whenever I wanted. It's when I tried to talk and realized I couldn't that I realized it was a real issue.


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I went a long time thinking I was crazy, not being sure what to call it. I wasn't diagnosed until I said, "Hey, I think this is what's wrong." And that was some time 2 or 3 years ago. I'm now 25 going on 26 and I believe a late diagnosis hurt me more than anything. I had the disorder since I was 13, so I've suffered a long time. It has hindered my social abilities and functioning as an adult.


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I diagnosed myself before any shrink did, I was always aware how sensitive I was and how I would shrink away from unpleasant insensitive so called friends and family.
Reading and therapist, shortly after a bad indecent that caused PTSD I had trouble leaving the house and panic attacks around people. Then came to discover I had social anxiety and agoraphobia.


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Actually it was a psychologist who had been brought in as a mediator for a workplace dispute that had its roots in you-know-what.


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I was informed by a psychiatrist that I had Social Phobia at the age of 23. The following year I was diagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder and Dysthymic Disorder. I was not informed of the latter two. I discovered them when I asked to read my medical records a couple of years later. I have found that some clinicians are resistant to share their notes of me with me.


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I knew I had SA when I saw the word " social phobia" in a newspaper. I was curious so I search it on google. The symptoms totally fits me. I even came across the writting of a SA sufferer and what he wrote is exactly how i feel. But i didn't go to the doctor because i thought i can get over it myself