How to tell someone to get lost (well, in diplomatic way!)


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So at work, our office is on the first floor and there is a telcom system if people come to see us which is a rarity (thank God - before we were based in a busy town centre location which I'd suffered for two years) but my manager now says we can turn people away if they sound/or are disruptive or volatile.

Now that's fine and well for people who can handle those sorts of people and I obviously can't so I wanted to ask how to word it, if say, I had to politely say that "sorry, I can't let you in" and "you have to go now!"

I had one situation recently with a dude who was hyper-tense and I stuttered and mumbled. Luckily I was on my own so no-one could see my performance.

Any tips much appreciated!


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Well, firstly, I'd probably attempt to calm the person who being a bit aggressive down. If that works and they promise not cause any problems, let them in. But only on these terms. Otherwise, it's just go with what you were adviced to say.

I'd probably word it something along the lines of...

"Look, I'm not going to let you in if you continue to act like that, or speak to me in that tone. So, you can either calm down or leave. You;re choice"

That doesn't sound too lame does it. Because I give ye the Scottish version of that...
"Hey! Keep the heid. Now, either calm the ____ doon, or get tae fu..." :bigsmile:​