Hi, My Name Is Caiel

Hi, I decided that I should introduce myself. I'm Caiel.. I love listening to music, eating food, creating art, giving advice, listening to friends, and pondering about life. :) I am from Asia and I definitely love K-Pop, J-Pop, M-Pop, Anime, I'm new to K-Dramas, etc...
I joined this site because I definitely feel more comfortable chatting online than in the real world (mostly because I'm socially awkward and never know what to say). I'd love to have a conversation with anyone as I am a bit lonely... Can't wait to meet you all :):applause:


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Hello Caiel. This is Leon. I'm glad to meet you. I just created my account on this site less than a week ago. I was able to relate to a lot of what you wrote. I'm from the U.S. I'm excited to see you on this forum.