hi i just want to introduce myself

I am an older woman and my problems is i have a fear of authority figures plus I am a coward I can't stand up for myself when it comes to any kind of confrontations. my real name should be goody too shoes because I spend so; much time please everybody and i know it's not right but thats life. I just would like to be able to stand up for myself. this all stems from be abused as a child. I had a very wicked stepmother who itimitaded me until I was knocked against a bath tub. with a broken nose I was sent to school where thank God my teacher call the authorities and i was removed. my grandmother raised me but my broken nose was never dicussed. I had religious experience at 24 which change my life i still have fears but life is easier now. I am also and introvert I could stay hid in my house for days and be happy but that is not life. life is to be lived, experienced. what do you think all this beautiful earth is for. natural wonders.


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Hi, I am a 34 year old woman from Slovakia living in Galway. I am in a relationship which is working well. Problem is that I have no friends or anyone to go out with. I would like to know some people with same issues, we could try to make contact, go for a chat or walk.