HH Maitinence


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I've used my ionto machine and every time I get my hands completely dry, I wait until my hands get a little moist and do a maitinence treatment. Problem is, after the maitinence treatment my hands come back sweating full force the next day and doesn't go away no matter what I do. I've tried doing multiple treatments in a row for maitinence and I've also tried doing one and leaving it alone. Either way I have to restart the whole process of building up dryness again every time.


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It's possible ionto isn't working for you. There are different things you can add to your water. It's possible your water source is not effective. Spend some time reading through the postings on this forum. You'll find tons of information and different things that you can try,


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Everything is dependent on the power which you use and the time of procedures. Except that, you tryied baking soda or salt for treatment?