Hey there o/ Here is me introducing myself

Hi to all, I have been coming here from time to time and reading a bit on people's advice on similar situations to mine and it's always been nice but I was never really able to write anything, getting past that point of actually doing the action and writing something just makes me feel "weird". Well today I rather feel weird than lonely..

I have recently been diagnosed with asperger's and have been told it must be the source of some of my issues "dealing with people". I dont talk much to anyone and I like very few things but im glad to be knowlegable about them, diablo3(video game), overclocking,world history and writing(in french) are most of my hobbies.

I guess I just need to talk, I have been pretty much stimming all night going crazy trying to figure out how to get this cumpulsion to communicate out of me and well this is me tryig to introduce myself.
Hello MindBj,

Be proud of what you just did, doing so doesn't make you weird in any way.

You'd be one of the very few french speaking Canadians I'd know of on these forums.

I can't say welcome given that you've joined before me.


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G'day MindBj,

Nice to hear from you. Been feeling similar recently. Feeling boxed in by frustration about opening up, if indeed I've understood you there.

All the best and have a nice day. :thumbup: