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Already posted about this and didn't get any help but I need some advice on what to do. Iontophoresis works and my hands do get dry, but every Maitinence treatment I do, it seems to restart the 14 day cycle of getting dry again.


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I believe I did answer, but you seem to not be doing your homework.
Clarify. You do your treatment, you sweat more the next day. You get dry, and then when do you do your maintenance?

Have you been on this forum long reading the posts or are you new? I've had all sorts of experiences with ionto since 2005 as have a bunch of us. This is why I suggest you do some reading here if you are new.

How many years have you been doing ionto?
Have you recently moved from one town or state to another?
Has something in your life change that is adding new stress?
Have you started a new medication?
How often do you do maintenance treatments?
How long do you stay dry for?
Have you ever added anything to the water?

All these things can impact your treatment. I don't mean to be a pain in the ***, but you have basically posted once and sometimes we can be hesitant to give the same advice to people when probably all your questions already have been answered if you spend a little bit of time reading. I'll try and steer you in a positive direction, but I'll need a little bit more background information.


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Thanks for answering again I'm new to this forum and sifting through the forum wasn't getting me anywhere. I've been doing ionto for about a year and I always give up because it never works. I tried it again with baking soda and I live in Colorado. The water I use is fine and I do the treatments for as many days as I need until my hands are dry. Once they are dry, I wait until they feel a little moist and do the treatment as soon as they start to sweat a tiny bit. This happens about a half week from my last treatment. After the first maitinsnve treatment my hands start to sweat like crazy the day after and so on. They don't go back to normal after that and I have to restart the whole 14 day process over again. I don't have anything stressing me out but I've noticed something as well that doesn't really have to do with iontophoresis. Out of the blue my hands sometimes get warm(witch usually they are freezing cold) and stop sweating completely for about 5 minutes. It is completely random and I don't know how to constantly keep it that way. Im on no medication, except supliments for my cold hands like butchers broom.


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So your maintenance treatment is every 4 days, then requires 14 more days of trearment where in your case maybe try every 2nd day. Are you doing straight DC or pulsed current?

Have you had hand sweating your entire life?
If not have you talked to your doctor about this cold hot condition? Something else may be going on within your body.

One suggestion besides doing your treatment every 2nd day would be to order some Antihydral. There is only one place online that sells this. It's a cream that's used for the feet. What I sometimes do is rub this cream throughout my hands 5 minutes before treatment, then I proceed as usual.

Another option is to heat up some snow so it melts and then run the snow cooled down snow water
through a portable Brita filter.
I say snow, but rain water works also.
This will clean the water. Then add 1/2 snow or rain( not heated) water to the tap water and see if that helps.

Definitely start doing your treatment every 2nd day if possible.

Keep in mind that ionto doesn't work for everyone. Sad, but true.

I know it's hard to skim all the postings and using search doesn't always yield the results wanted, but the information is definitely here since I have been on this group for 7 years and a prior defunct active group for 5 years prior.

While you are waiting for the Antihydral to arrive you can substitute it with Certain Dri which is easy to obtain at most stores that sell antiperspirants. Get the rollon and follow the same procedure.

Ionto can be tricky and everyone can react differently.
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I find if I wait until I feel that sweat it's too late and like you have to start over. Do your next treatment before that feeling. And find the right interval from there. You wait til you are about to start sweating again and it will start u will be late. Hope that works.


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Hi Matdood 56

I have a few questions too if you still have a problem with maintenance.

How much do you make a maintenance treatments?
How much you use the power for maintenance treatments?

I think that If you've been dry 2 weeks, It may take longer. You must find adequate settings of the therapy, i.e. concrete power and the time of treatment procedure.