As I write this, it’s a day or so after the new documentary, “Bully,” was released. The MPAA would not give it’s OK by rating it “R, due to swearing.” That’s another victory for the bullies and evil in this country. All students above sixth grade with their parents should watch the documentary.

Bullying is not new. I am 70 plus years old, a father and grandfather. I experienced severe bullying in school and observed it in my children’s schools. I have never seen it more severe than I experienced, but I have seen it denied by parents over the years. Every parent says their child is not a bully. All of them can’t be right.

Parents need to have frequent discussions with their children about bullying just as they need to about drug abuse. They need to condition their children before (that’s before) entering school that they are going for one reason only, that is, to learn. Also, they need to learn at home to help and respect others. In my opinion, regardless of current efforts of a few, until this happens, bullying won’t ever go away.
I believe it is the parents responsibility. Children need to learn from them the importance of being kind to others and to respect them. I am determined that my future children will not be bullies and if they were I would not deny it but address it. As someone who was bullied my children will know I will not tolerate them bullying others.


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Part of the problem is som paretns are bullies themselves. or unknowingly encourage that behaviour around their kids with certai attitudes.

I agree with everything said here :).


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It's the parent's responsibility to bring their kids up right. However, there are a few neglectful parents who do a horrible job at parenting. I think it is the school's responsibility to look for and stop bullying. I also think that other students should be more active instead of just watching.


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The main problem is that there is many people who thinks bullying isn't that bad, that it's just how kids had fun. I don't really think it's because they are bad parents but because people don't really think that the psychological damage is painful


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I doubt bullying can ever be totally removed. It can be reduced, sure. Not really sure how to do that though. Bullies aren't going to listen to reason.


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I wish bullying would stop, i have person never been physically bullied but i dont care what names im called. That still doenst mean it should happen. I geuss bullies are just either looking for attention or they are looking to make themself better so i geuss if we try to stress being yourself more, maybe they will stop?? just tell your grandsons to report it and not let it get to them. If it is serious enough like very physical you could consider home school, or switching schools. Its sad in this generation it has sometimes even come to that. The only other advice i can recommend would to ask your grand children to remove their face book or any social networking sites if they have them. a lot of them could be cyber bullied or could contribute to the problem. Hope this helps you out, Good Luck!


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I totally support you on the bullying issue, though I do not believe that a movie could really have any significant impact on it. I have heard a lot of controversy around this movie, and I think people are simply overblowing it. It is just a movie, bullying has always existed and it will never truely dissapear. You can't just make every single child in the world be nice to others, it is far more complicated than that. You would need to fix every single family first, because children learn volent behavior from their parents.
I agree that it would be extremely difficult to stop bullying. You guys have a point that a lot of parents simply don't see it as "bullying" or they teach their child to bully without even knowing it.

It wouldn't be realistic to try and go around and change everyone's mind about bullying. Instead, I think it's our responsibility (the people who know how wrong bullying is) to stand up to others being bullied.

It's extremely hard to stop a bully if you're the one being bullied. That's why it's much more effective when others step in. When a bully sees that people are forming against him, the bully stops.

I think we need to teach our children to intervene every time they see a bully in action. Too many people today will simply stand by and watch someone being bullied, even if they don't agree with it. If we can step in at the time when bullying happens, then maybe bullying can finally start to decline.