Hello To The Forum

Hello! My name is Clare, and I am a 13 year old girl from the USA. While I do not have Social Anxiety, due to having autism it has always been hard for me to connect with my peers, and I have been shunned and bullied due to this, which makes me rather untrustworthy of meeting new people. I have made some friends irl recently, so I am a little less untrustworthy than I used to be when I was slightly younger, but I am still somewhat uncomfortable talking to new people in real life. However, everyone here seems EXTREMELY nice and I can't wait to meet all of you on the forum! :bigsmile:
This is a good forum for advice but be sure to only make friends with people around your own age unless they are teachers or mentors at your school. and dont post/send any personal information to anyone online . dont accept friend requests from people you dont know either.

you should look into joining a church youth group. I'm sure you can meet other girls your age there. I would recommend looking for a local methodist church. (Methodists are more open-minded than other denominations)
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