Hello from Oxfordshire


Hello all, I think I'm wierd:sad:. I'm new here I just need somewhere to express myself. I'm 28 and a male. I got a job wich I work 6 days a week, I have a car and I'm a season ticket holder at swindon town fc. I have no problem going out about but just social situations my brain just shuts down. I'm quiet and I seem to back myself into a corner and no one knows I'm there. I don't have any friends but I'd love to go out and have a bit of fun. I just had a week off work and I spent it in side the whole time. It's just very depressing


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Hi Beza. Welcome to the forum. I totally relate to your situation, I go through the same as you and it can be depressing. I do have friends, but I don't regard them a true friends as I tend to have to do all the chasing. I am now stepping back from them and trying to find some real friends, who understand me and want to get to know me. Hit me up if you'd like to chat.