Hello everyone I'm new here


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I'm Lady 47 year old mom and grandma
just 3 weeks ago I had what they were calling a panic attack
Then again last night I had another one, this one was worse
I blacked out for some of it.
THese are my symptoms
First I feel like it's a little hard to breath then
my face gets really hot and red then I can't breath at all
my hands start itching really bad then my feet too
my heart feels like it's gonna pop out of my chest
Next thing I know I'm snapping out of it in the ambulance on my way to the Hospital. the thing they are worried about is that my blood pressure get's very low during these " panic attacks "
Has anyone had this happen to them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you



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Hi first we realy need to know what is happening before the symptoms occur. Untill we know we realy cant be sure if you came to the right place.


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Nothing happen before either one of them
first time I was at home getting ready to go to bed
Sec time I was in my car in front of my sons house waiting
for them to come out. I'm under a lot of stress at home with my husband
were not doing really good right now.
Oh one other important thing is my blood pressure drops very low is this common ? they tell me it's not really common with panic attacks

There is one strange thing
I have been getting a full sleeve done on my arm
for the past 6 months
but the last two times I got ink done I have had a panic attack the
same day, So my kids are like no more tattoo's for you, they think that might be part of it.

I'm confused and scared


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Well since no one is gonna help out with my post
Does anyone know of any natural remedies for panic attacks ?

I have so many questions
I wish I could get some
answers from people who have been there :(


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Ok, i just started having what i now know are panic attacks. First one happened while i was in the shower, i had nothing to be panickes about. I got dizzy, then my heart started racing and then i thought i was going to pass out. It would go away and come back every 3-5 minutes for an hour. I called the emergency room and everything, i thought i was goign to die. Since then i have had about 5, went to my cardiologist and did all kinds of tests, he said i would not die from the attacks. Its a mental game, you can sit and take deep breaths, try to concentrait on something else. Thats about it for managing them without medication. I take kolonipin, but am working on not taking it when i have a panic attack. I seem to be having them every 14-20 days. My next one im going to try my best to calm it down myself, but i freak so we will see. Hope this helps!


Hi lady, i posted you a reply in another forum, where you had posed a similar message. Just called to say hello again..


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Saint Johns wart is suppose to work, Im thinking about trying it myself.

Diazipam tends to do the trick for me but I dont want to rely on medication.


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I am not much of a forum writer either. However, about a year ago I had my first panic attack. I had just moved back in with my parents after getting into some legal trouble. I woke up with severe stomach aches and i tried to ignore it then i started shaking uncontrollably so i went to try and wake someone up but i couldnt find myself to talk, i sat in my moms room and my shaking woke her up. She was concerned and i told her i cant stop shaking and my heart is pounding, then i started to get dizzy and my heart was racing more and more, i took my blood pressure and it was normal ( I dont think it is normal to have low blood pressure as mentioned before) However my heart rate was very high in the 120-140 bpm range i went to the hospital and they didnt tell me much just put me on a lot of muscle relaxers until i finally fell asleep. I have had these every once in a while ever since. I probably have at least one or two very bad ones every month. Its starting to make me avoid being alone. I am only 20 years old and i dont make it out anymore i used to be a big party guy who chased a lot of girls and now im more concerned with my health. I have been prescribed all kinds of medicines, i was in jail for one and that was awful. valium, clonazepam, ativan, and i just got a new one, citalopram. It seems that all of these drugs seem to cause me to have more panic because of the side effects, everything i read says it gets worse for a few weeks before it gets better and medicines really dont appeal to me. I have had what seems like a million panic attacks in the past year and i know that im not going to die but when youre having one you become so sure the worst is about to happen. I think the only things that can cause any comfort is letting yourself know it wont kill you, you probably know if youve had a lot of them that its just your brain messing with you. It helps me to be around people and have people assure me that they wont let anything bad happen to me. I just wish there was some way to get them gone forever, i have developed a jealousy towards everyone who gets to live a normal life and i get really sad when i look back and think of my life that was before i had a panic attack or worried about having them at all times. im currently wearing a heart monitor to ensure its not my heart. i have had an ultrasound of my heart, it looked fine structurally, ive had a brain mri and it was pretty normal, i have an ultrasound of my abdomen scheduled for xmas eve because my doctor thinks i might have a stomach problem that is triggering a panic attack since stomach discomforture usually comes first for me. so as you can imagine my medical bills are huge. If anyone has any advice.... please please. I would also like to mention the about the tattoo i got a tattoo done a little while after i had my first panic attack and i had a similar experience while getting that done, but my artist tells me that it was common because your adrenaline gets pumping and if you have panic disorder this will cause a panic attack because panic attacks are cause by your adrenaline not being able to be controlled. I wouldnt recommend getting tattoos if you have panic disorder.


Hi danieldd04, I'm quite new too. And I've suffered for a year now but just seek treatment recently, about 3 weeks ago. I developed agoraphobia now and it has been months since I went out. I used to be a party-goer too, flirt and I'm 25 yrs old. But I'm married and my daughter is only 2 yrs old. I wish to get well too, I've read a few programs but I just don't dare to try it. I always get giddy when I get panic attacks and I did brain scan before but all are good. Well, you're not alone, I wish to be normal again too..


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Hey Rianna, i hope you get better too. I cant find myself to take these medicines. Part of my panic/anxiety causes me to be a bit of a hypochondriac and get a little afraid of the medicines. I wouldnt wish this problem on my worst enemies.. Its good that you are married at least you dont have to be alone. I am only 20 and moved back in with my parents but still i work a night shift so most of the time im alone and my thoughts drive me crazy. I used to not mind the medicines... until i took one for panic attacks and it gave me one. My mom had a point that i shouldnt be afraid of prescriptions because i used to self medicate myself by snorting pain killers and doing recreational drugs... but i think my stupid past is one of the reasons why i am so cautious now. It helps to hear from other sufferers though, it makes me feel like im not as crazy.