Has anyone tried CBD Oil?


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Currently considering it for anxiety in general, so I was wondering what your experiences have been like.

If you get a hold of some please report back. :thumbup:
I'd love to hear your results.
I have been trying a cbd strain of flower and it is very good. I would like to try oil soon.


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I did a bit of reading on it and I am considering it as well. I want more solid proof before I dive in. Someone I know works at a shop that sells it. I would hate to get some and it help then the government outlaws it completely :(


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I don't think the government will outlaw it because its THC levels are extremely low (under official guidelines, 0,02% or something).
CBD oil is legal where I live. I ordered a small bottle of it for about $30 and it helps me relax/concentrate while im doing class work. Cant exactly say I recommend it though because some people might react differently to CBD.