Groups or face to face meetings!


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Guys! When are you moré comfortable with in face to face interactions or in groups?
I think the answer is obvious, that is, face to face meetings; anyway, each person is a world, so avoidants are.

As well, I'd like to ask you if you feel moré anxiety in the first contact with a person or in the following.
I used to give a good first impression because I feel moré comfortable. In some way, I feel as if I never will be able to give a good impression because when the other person knows me better he or she is not going to like my real me.

To finish with the topic about interations, I'd like to ask you if you are following some kind of course or reading a book about social skills?


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Definitely face to face ;)

Isn't that a little strange though? Easier to just hide away and not get noticed in a group.


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I don't think it's strange. In a face to face communication you can control better the feedback the other person gives you. So, you will have moré safer proof whether you are being or you aren't accepted.

I definitively always found easier to deal with a person.


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It depends on the mood I'm in. If I'm in a rare more confident mood, then I would prefer a conversation with just one person. If I'm feeling awkward and I have no confidence, which is much more common, I would prefer to be in a conversation with a group of people. There's much less pressure on any one person to keep the conversation flowing in a group, and there's other people to fill in awkward pauses.


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Face to face meeting because I feel much comfortable this way. First time I meet someone I feel very anxious but with time, even from the second meeting I will feel much better in terms of social anxiety.


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I prefer a group because I feel like I can hide more in the shadows and just get a feel for how people are/act. Face to face I feel like there's too much pressure on me to not be awkward, and let's face it, awkward should be my middle name.