Great Discovery For Anxiety & Depression


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*If you need clarification, I'll be glad to help.

I remember when my anxiety & mood went higher than it's normal bad level for month and i discovered it's because i was thinking too much about these negative feelings by frequently responding harshly to them. I started ignoring the feelings and stopped negatively exploding to them within a few days my anxiety & mood went back down to it's normal bad level. Wasn't a full fix but wasn't a worse situation also lol.

When you respond to a single attack of anxiety/depression by repeatedly exploding or getting extremely down from the attacks, it creates a new "worse feeling" and stick around longer for days or weeks. Try to ignore the episode by not getting extremely upset, eventually the new worse feeling loses it's power eventually and goes back to normal bad feeling (better than a worse feeling). You only need to ignore few attacks, not all.

It's a hit or miss game. Sometimes you will have enough willpower/strength to ignore them. Like the bible says ignore the devil and eventually he loses alot of power.
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