Got a Job interview....tripping out...


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I got called for a job interview at little caesars pizza scheduled for tomorrow. It will be my first one ever.

This is tits cause I really need a job as I am 23 and still living with parents. Im quite nervous but I have much Xanax that I will be taking prior to the interview.

I hope I dont freak out but I am going to inject my brain with positive thoughts aboot this situation and hope everything goes well.


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We just opened a Little Caesars here at my college town. I am STOKED!

Good luck on your interview, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just remember, they liked you enough to call you back for an interview so you've already made a good impression. Go get em, Tiger! lol


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hopefully you get the job of making pizza not delivering them... its dangerous.
My bf used to deliver pizzas and said one time he delivered out to the ghetto area of town and some woman didn't have cash to tip him with so she offered him weed.
Haha I would got that ghetto bitch to hook me up and I'd pay for her pizza no problem. Let me add though, that if this lady offered me crappy weed I'd tell her to get a job and just eat her pizza, explaining to my boss that I got robbed in the ghetto. Lol...