Getting More Compliments because of SA/shyness


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Anyone else notice that they get more compliments because they're shy or display SA? See, even at the job I work at, I got compliments from people like "You're awesome" and "You're beautiful" or "You're so nice." My belief is that I'm getting these because I don't talk much and have been so shy (I never say I am as if it's part of my identity), so people just are trying to make me feel good since they perceive me that way and as having not much confidence. They're trying to boost my confidence. Do you think this is a legit belief, or am I just thinking negatively? I think it's legit.

And the compliments don't change anything. Because of this belief I have about why people are giving me them, they only make things worse. As a shy person with SA, I don't want to be given special treatment or noticed for my shyness and SA. I do my best to hide these things which I view as negative. So these compliments are just evidence that everybody is noticing it. What do you think?

I do my best and make some effort to talk to people. (I do try talking to some of my coworkers, but not all. I'm not the kind of guy right now who can just walk around talking to everybody. It's only a select few people I try talking to more regularly). Despite my efforts, I've already been called out by two people at my job for being so shy. One guy said I'm the quietest guy at work. Another girl said I'm so quiet. I hate it when people call out this shyness. Don't they realize a shy person doesn't want to be called out for it? I mean, I understand that they're not trying to make me feel uncomfortable and like I don't fit it, but it's so annoying. Yet it's happened numerous times in my life so I'm sort of used to it.
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While it is true that the less you talk, the less the chance of you making a fool of yourself, it might simply be a case of you being all those nice things they're calling you.


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Who cares what other people think. Your personality is your personality. You cannot mold yourself into something others want you to be. It's better to be remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt like Abe Lincoln said.


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mother nature created social phobics to force little pockets of calm and quietness in the world. it's our duty... our destiny to the universe. your fearful reaction to people calling you out for it is normal, and, just how mother nature intended for it to be.