Generalised Hyperhydrosis


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I have generalized hyperhydrosis. Are there any treatments which can treat the full body? I am on oxybutin which works somewhat but is not consistent and the side effects can be horrible. I live in the tropics and so in the summer 10-20mg of oxybutin, I can still sweat bullets all over. Subcut glycopylorate works great but my GP doesn't want me doing that and has some bad side effects too.

I have been looking into iontophoresis for the full body, that does not involve treating each body site individually. Any Ideas? Like an iontophoresis bath.....




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We have discussed the idea of an ionto bath here in the past. I don't think that's happening. Sorry to say, but with full body HH there is not a whole lot of things you can do for it.


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Solution for the full body.... I think that every solutions for HH is... for main places on the body when the sweating is the largest like a back, head, armpits, feet and hands ,groin etc. You can try iontophoresis but only for that places on the body.