Feeling jealous/envy of others


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I've always been jealous others relationship in the sense that if I was friendly with someone and I saw them having a much better time with another person, I'd feel frustrated that they weren't doing that with me. I'm insecure and not that good with social relations hence why if I do make a friendship with someone then I tend to get a tad protective.

At work recently, I've found myself getting annoyed by a female colleague who I've gotten on with OK having a laugh and a joke with another colleague who is probably more used to younger people and relating to them. I don't want to feel this way yet I can't help but be put in a bad mood when I see them joking and laughing (I fear sometimes, at me) and I'm beginning to have negative emotions about her.

I don't know what to do..


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Allow that person to have a good time with other people, and at the same time work on your insecurities in order to avoid messing up that friendship. Find things you enjoy doing as hobbies, and maybe you can have the other person join you and thus get closer to her. If there's any chance of her knowing you feel that way, it might scare her off.


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Ugh, ignore them. Try to ignore them. Let them think you are ignoring them.

Try and keep it work related. I know how you feel. I've felt the same in group settings.

Sounds like you really like her. Work flings are typically a bad idea anyway. I say pretend she doesn't exist for a while. haha


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I've had numerous encounters like the one which you mentioned. In most of the cases, I did feel frustrated, and I felt like I was someone who couldn't offer much to others. But then, I got used to it - there seems to be some magical trigger, which other people seem to pull, which activates the 'connection' feeling inside the person with whom I was talking with.

And well, I just abandoned them - it doesn't mean you're bad or not capable of making other friends. As I like to put it myself, you're just less simpler than most. Now I don't mean that you should be self-important, but of all the friends I've had so far in life, I can guarantee that every single one of them was a long-term friend.

Maybe you're built for making a few, long term friends who might be harder to find, or you're built for making a larger group of less-close friends for a shorter time span. It varies according to people. So just leave situations like it is - no need to excessively analyse anything here.


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I understand what you are saying. I hear what you are saying. Around me people get a long and have easy conversations, while my strangeness starts to distance people from me.