Everyone has social anxiety


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For the young folks (maybe even older too), those friends your jealous of/or who make fun of you, they have SA too. My brother used to tell me this and i didn't believe him for the longestttt.

Everyone has social anxiety. Shyness is social anxiety: fear of talking...If you don't believe me tell people your conversation anxiety or being watched symptoms 70% will say "i think have it too"

I believe 95% of people have social anxiety in different aspects.

Social anxiety is the belief peoples opinions are a threat. Some people respond to social anxiety by anger instead of shyness. Simply if they are told an insult they lash out.

My biggest mistake when i was young was reading too much on social anxiety and thinking i have this big mental disorder that most people don't have. Now when i look back those kids that look cool that only speak to their circles, they have social anxiety because they were shy!

It's simple if someone is shy and doesn't talk, they have soical anxiety. The medical field tries to make people look crazy sometimes with these labels but everyone is crazy in the world. It's called cognitive distortions.