ETS failure - sweating on the palms has returned


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I've just had ETS last week to treat my palmar HH. The surgery was a T3 bilateral cauterization - it was on Thursday night and since then my hands have been bone dry to the point that I had to put some moisturizer on them last night to lessen the dryness a bit. However I was very shocked today to see that the sweating has returned on my palms. They're pretty moist right now and I can see small particles of sweat gleaming on them in the light. Does this mean that my operation has failed? I was even experiencing some moderate compensatory sweating on my back, chest and belly during the first days after surgery. It is much cooler today though (22C) and rainy outside. What could have possibly happened?


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If your surgery was successful, this should pass and then they remain dry. I seriously hope your surgery is a success. You were off to a great start.


It's been 4 months after my ETS surgery and the sweating on my hands have come back. My hands were completely dry two months after the surgery and then slowly started to get wet again on the palms and the bottom of the wrists. I am devastated that after all that pain and progress, it may have been for nothing.

I did notice that right after my surgery my armpits were sweating as normal, which the doctor said wouldn't happen after ETS (usually no sweating under the armpits). So i'm not sure if that indicated that they didn't cut enough nerves.
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ETS is too risky. I heard about compesating sweating many times, even if that surgery was a success.