ESA medical assessment

Hi had my medical assessment for esa and haven't been able to sleep since. So nervous! Feel like it was a test rather than something to help me get better. Does anyone else who has anxiety depression and social anxiety claim ESA or had a medical? What happened during yours?


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I'm on the spectrum and also have Menieres which affects my balance. I joined some of the ESA/DLA facebook groups and got some good advice. When my appointment came 3 years ago, I requested a home visit as I had difficulties leaving the house and an audio recording of the interview. I got placed in the support group and am still waiting on the interview. I think they gave up as it was made difficult for them. My advice is to join some of those groups, I got some great advice. You might find yourself having to appeal, they have a habit of failing everyone first time around.
Yeah I'm already expecting the worst so will have to look into how I appeal ect. Just because a mental illness isn't visible doesn't mean it's not there

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