Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS)


Read about this in a magazine. Its basically an operation which cuts out some nerves. Anyone had it done?



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i have a big problem with FF,but there's more negative opinions and reviews about ETS than any good ones.And before you consider going under the knife did you try stuff like beta blockers,anti anxiety meds,antidepressants.As its easy to cut a nerve,but not vise versa and results are like lottery,as you might get severe sweating in other places to compensate for blushing or flushing.Where popping a pill is less harmless and can be often changed if it doesn't work.Just something to think about ;)


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I've heard mostly negative things so far but haven't met anyone in person who had it done. They don't cut a nerve anymore, just clamp it.

I'm thinking of it but deep down am worried about many other side effects.


Dont do it...nerves cut..where does the blood go where the nerves cut out..the problem is deep rooted in us who can at times blush severily ..we have to learn to focus focus focus focus...on other things when we start to think we are going to blush..takes a lot of practice till finally mastered..i am half way there ..yahhhhhh :) jackie


There are a small number of researchers around the world who study blushing in order to understand it and help people who suffer erythrophobia. A really good book to go to in order to discover what is known currently is - Crozier, W. R., & de Jong, P. J. (Eds.). (2013). "The Psychological Significance of the Blush". Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. It will give a good overview on all the research by those researchers working in the field. In our university we are also working on research, with the current study (if you are interested) accessed via the Facebook page "Erythrophobia / érythrophobie".