EMO music...


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what do you think about emo music?

I think... they are cool at first... since you realize that there are others that can relate to you and all.

But its just counter-productive. All it does is makes you make excuses for your weakness and problems and turns you into a whiner... or at least KEEPS you there.

so I stopped listening to them and I listen instead to something more insprational... like metalcore music. The kind with animal sounds and screaming and shrieking and all about fuck the world and shit.

Gangsta rap also helps. Cuz its all about being "tough"... unless youre bothered by the way they encourage drugs and crime and beating up women...


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OH LORD! emo is an abbreviation for the word "emotional" ...now can you name me one song that was written in the history of music that wasnt written or recorded with intended passion or emotion, even if its a crap song....so yeah im not a really fan of this categorisation or saying :wink:

regarding those god awful bands like "good charlotte"..."chemical Romance"..."Panic at the Disco" ...who all dress in black and use an entire tube of hair gel with their hair drooped over their eyes....this is what the kids recognise as (emo)..emotions can be happy and sad..so technically you could call Enya (emo) because she sings with (emo)tion :lol:

i listen and admire groups who arnt interested in the whole stigma of being succesful for the charts sake, most bands that are on the charts or emo bands are just fake and they want the money and thats why the major labels of today sign crappy bands..and so alot of the great music of today is pushed aside because its NOT safe enough to run with, so they sign a crappy (emo) band that whines about nothing and people buy it because it worked with other bands like good charlotte or chemical romance, the great artists of our time like the Shins, the Strokes, Radiohead, Beck, Bjork, Public Enemy, or Rap that isnt concerned with talking about girls and money so much as the world around them and a social consciounce, great music comes from people who have a genuine passion in musical notation and writing honestly emotional lyrics whether its a happy or sad song, they were a creation of their environment and they were aware of the negative connatations of Major record labels and their aim of style/trend over substance, or quantity over quality seems to be the goal these days

i just cant stand these new emo skate board groups who play the same two guitar riffs and whine about girls and how they are so lonely.. the commercial music industry is the worst its ever been with the pop idol generation, whatever happened to soft cell? or exciting music?....or the same ol rap style aka 50 cent...im a BIG tough gangster that talks about nothing and never wears a shirt....rap used to be exciting, beastie boys, NWA, public enemy, what happened?..

sure music is subjective and people can enjoy whatever they like but i despise how the creative music of today is not getting airplay so people arnt exposed to it...and most people who have a genuine interest seek it out for themselves and dont rely on the charts..

there is some great metal out there right now...mondo generator, the hellacopters, queens of the stone age(not really metal), anthrax.

this is the worst decade of music in over fifty years....the 90's had everything, the 80's was tacky fashion wise but the music was inspiring, the 70's was the decade of the guitar with hendrix, zepplin, floyd, fleetwood mac, can, the who and dylan,

this decade has not alot, comercially its been about over polished rap and Beyonce R&B to please the young girls so they can shake their booty, with some emo bands, and the pop idol reality music that has saturated the airwaves and charts, its been the least exciting decade of music EVER in over 40 years...beofre the beatles revolution of the 1960's started.

But if you look around there is great music out there.


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'metal core music'...thats just some sub genre of metal....why call it that? theres so much better stuff anyway... i tend to listen to the melo death stuff, its pretty awesome. Metalcore can be kinda...meh... not particularly interesting. And as for emo...ol emo is all just crap. If you want to listen to music for the sake of listening to music then emo is just to totally pointless :D


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Emo music is great. I've found a lot of good music this last year. I listen to all kinds of music, but some of my favorite bands right now are what some people would call "emo".


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richey said it in the best way possible...completly agree :D not my tatse....

Though everyone has their own taste in music, if it gets emos through the day its cool by me.


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Richey said:
But if you look around there is great music out there.
I agree. If you rely on MTV or the big labels to discover new music then you only got yourself to blame. There's more good new fresh-sounding music than anyone has time to listen to out there, if you don't mind doing some searching and aren't a genre purist.